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Teacher pictureHello, I am Rubén Mas, from l’Escala, Girona (Spain) and I am living in London. I am 34 years old.

I have a degree in Geography and a PGCE in Social Science. I have been working at the Charter School as a Spanish Assistant Teacher in year 8, 10, 11 and 12, and I am currently working at the Springfield Christian School as a Spanish Teacher and as Assistant teacher from Nursery to Year 6.

I have also been teaching Spanish in the University of Bangor, Wales, UK and Spanish private lessons in London. I have been teaching Social Sciences in different schools in Spain and France during the last 5 years.

I am a guy who likes to travel a lot and lives in different countries. I also like to read and do whatever if it means doing with friends. I really like to work with kids, teenagers and adults and teach all I know in a dynamic and interesting way.

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