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Teacher pictureHi guys, my name is Laura, a native Spanish folk living in London for almost 3 years. Do you want to be able to cook Spanish food while you sing along a Spanish flamenco song? Do you want to take advantage of your trip and get all the idioms and colloquialism’s meanings without lose your temper?

I have previous experience teaching Spanish, both in Spain and London. I am a qualified journalist, and I have worked as a Lecturer of Spanish in London and I already completed my PGCE, which allows me to get into the teaching career and focus on teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

I provide face to face Spanish Lessons, focused in your needs or your previous knowledge about the language. Whether if you are interested just to have an approach, or improve your vocabulary for a trip or get deeper into the language, I can help you.

I strongly believe that the only way to learn a language is having fun and using the mistakes to improve the student's knowledge about this beautiful language. ¡Hasta la vista!

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