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Teacher picture¡Hola! I am a qualified teacher with almost ten years of experience. I have lived in Norway, Berlin and now I am loving London.

Regarding tutoring I have been helping students to pass exams, introducing Spanish to curious learners and joining language lovers for years. I enjoy teaching, especially when students enjoy learning.

My classes are based on the needs and/or interest of the pupil. With a communicative approach, suitable materials and the right guidance learning is attractive and fun. My role in this process is just to help to get the best of you.

Spain FlagJuanmi
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Feedback received:

UK FlagSonia said:

"Juanmi helped me with my A level exams. I will be going to University next September to study Spanish and Portuguese degree. Juanmi is a great tutor, knowledgeable and fun. My Spanish improved a lot with his classes. I feel confident that I will get good results."

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